The winter wedding

Winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful. Fresh and crisp air, landscape in full green lushness and that feeling of everything around you alive and flourishing! There are often quite a few discounts too as you are not paying the premium prices on everything. BUT you cannot control the weather and let’s face it, it is a crucial factor of the day, so you must work with it, not against it – believe me, you won’t win!

There are many different types of weather conditions: a quick shower to a torrential downpour, a slight breeze to a full-on cyclone, thunder, lightning, cold temperatures and grey skies. 

But hey, you can also get the clear blue sunny skies and of course, those beautiful magical rainbows.  So even though the latter is certainly possible, it’s always best to have a plan B locked in so you can easily adapt and quickly move forward. And yes of course you will have a tinge of disappointment when you realise the sun isn’t out, but the goal of the day is to marry the love of your life, and if you can keep dry in the process… well that’s a bonus!

Yep, you could end up looking like a drowned rat. You’ve spend months planning how you want to have your hair and makeup, only to walk from your car to the venue and the wind picks up, and whoosh….. instant malfunction. Your dress can end up wet and dirty around the hem line, your shoes might get wet, which will result in rubbing and blisters on your beautiful pedicure and the cold crisp air gives you the uncontrollable shivers and chattering teeth. Your guests are uncomfortable, your celebrant is panicking that the legal documents are going to either blow away or get wet and worrying about their $2k PA system getting soaked. Grandma’s cold, the kids are whinging, and Uncle Bob is wondering when the bar opens.

Hey that’s not how you thought your wedding day would pan out? So here’s a few pointers how you can make your winter wedding be a bit less stressful?

A registry style wedding at Marriage Office Mandurah – Yes a bit bias, but you can get dropped off right outside, we have umbrellas to use for the 10 steps from the car to the door and once you are inside, you an concentrate on saying I do, without any of the elements ruining your moment.  As you will be in the heart of our small city, there are plenty of hospitality and accommodation options right on hand for you and your guests. Easy!

For a larger wedding, how about a venue that has accommodation too! You can literally get ready there and walk out to your ceremony in full confidence. If the weather is good, arrange with the vendor to get married in the grounds,

if it’s not so good, the vendor will organise the ceremony to be moved inside. They will arrange all of this in advance if you have made it clear in your preparations. Your important guests can stay over too so everyone is happy.

Other top tips….

Choose a location that has a proper path, which leads to your chosen spot. Walking across wet grass is not a good look and will cause wardrobe malfunctions with your dress and shoes.

Choose a location that’s not in a wind tunnel or open to the full-on ocean breezes. Not only will your hair be all over the shop, but your voice may also project off in the wrong direction, and your guests might not hear those important vows.  The PA system might get interference from the wind too.

Dress for the weather.  Guys are generally sorted with a suit jacket, but for the ladies the dream wedding frock that you’ve envisaged wearing for the best part of your life so far, probably didn’t include a winter coat.  Shop around for something appropriate to have over your shoulders. You might not need it, but you might be grateful you brought it with you…. and after all, your partner has seen you in your PJ’s and still loves yer….. so keep warm and enjoy the moment!

Winter weddings can be absolutely gorgeous!

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