Celebrant Services Mandurah

The Marriage Office Mandurah offers friendly and personable Celebrant services and can connect you to wedding supplier contacts to help you plan your dream wedding, either here at the Marriage Office, or at your dream location. Our services are simple and easy so you can concentrate on enjoying this magical moment in time together.

Our Celebrant services…

However big or small your wedding, the Marriage Office Mandurah can help. We conduct small ceremonies at our beautiful marina location, or we can connect you to services for weddings at different locations. So if you are looking for a simple, easy wedding or a wedding with all the bells and whistles, our little boutique wedding venue is a great starting point to ask questions, get connected and start planning your dream wedding.

For more information and full statement of fees, please see the terms and conditions.

The Notice of Intended Marriage form (NOIM) is the legal document you need to complete to lodge your intended marriage. This has to be checked and ‘accepted’ by your Celebrant at least 1 month before your intended marriage date, so bear this in mind with your planning ahead.

It is a good idea to send your completed page 3 to the Marriage Office before your meeting so Michelle can check this in advance.

There is no need to seek a JP or Police Officer to sign the NOIM, Michelle can do this for you when you meet. If you live further afield, get in touch so Michelle can discuss your options.

Legals Only Marriages

Cost: $495

A simple process of signing the paperwork at our Wine Barrel overlooking the stunning Dolphin Quay Marina.

Just you and your two witnesses.

An initial in person or online consultation is included.

1 months’ notice of intended marriage is legally required.

Ideal for couples who are planning an overseas ceremony or couples wanting to get married in the simplest way.

The paperwork doesn’t take long, but you can enjoy the venue for up to ½ hour to take photos and enjoy this magical moment in time.

Please note this service does not include a ceremony. If you wish to bring guests and need extra room, you can upgrade to the Chapel for an extra $100.

Extra fees apply for services at a different location, public holidays and associated days.


Registry Style Weddings

Cost: $950
Situated in our beautifully styled private venue, this package includes the legal requirements and a short scripted ceremony.

An initial in person or online consultation is included.

1 months’ notice of intended marriage is legally required.

20 chairs for guests and some room for standing, allows for up to 30 guests in total.

Included: signing table, décor, air con, bluetooth access to the speaker and a beautiful private setting for a stress free day.

The Registry Style wedding follows this format:

  • Welcome
  • Significance of marriage
  • A beautiful poem
  • The legal wording
  • Opportunity for you to exchange personal vows and rings (optional)
  • Signing of the Marriage Certificates
  • A big congratulations for the newly married couple
    Please note this service follows the same format regardless of how many guests you bring (up to 30).
    Extra fees apply for services at a different location, public holidays, and associated days.

Wedding Directory

We’ve been asked so many times if we can recommend a photographer, or somewhere to stay, where to eat, and so many other little add on’s. So, we thought why not get some local businesses up on our website to make wedding planning that little easier.

Our wedding directory is not just for couples wanting to marry at our Marriage Office, but for any couples, near and far wanting to connect with wedding professionals for their dream wedding.

The idea of the wedding directory is a ‘one stop shop’ for you, the marrying couple to save you time endlessly searching socials and the internet when you are planning your wedding. Hopefully it’s a great starting point for you!

The Marriage Office Mandurah encourages you to research the vendors’ websites for more details and to read their reviews to make sure they are the right fit for you as they operate totally independently from ourselves.

Your enquiry goes straight to them, and you deal directly with them.

Connecting you with Celebrants for large and small weddings at other locations

Fees as per individual Celebrant

Celebrant services

If your dream wedding location is somewhere else, then we can connect you to Authorised Marriage Celebrants that work in different locations of WA near and far.  We will send you some contacts of Celebrants that we work with, so you can research their websites and socials to find the one that you think would be your best fit. You will then work with your chosen Celebrant independently from this point on.