Registry Style Weddings


Situated in our beautifully styled private venue, this package includes the legal requirements and a short scripted ceremony.

An initial in person or online consultation is included.

1 months’ notice of intended marriage is legally required.

20 chairs for guests and some room for standing, allows for up to 30 guests in total.

The Registry Style wedding follows this format:

  • Welcome
  • Significance of marriage
  • A beautiful poem
  • The legal wording
  • Opportunity for you to exchange personal vows and rings (optional)
  • Signing of the Marriage Certificates
  • A big congratulations for the newly married couple

Your booking will be for 1 hour, so you can enjoy your special moment, take lots of photos and socialise with your guests inside and then outside on the marina

If you are wanting a registry style wedding at a different location, talk to us.

Registry Style Weddings $950

You two and up to 30 guests:

The registry style wedding follows the format of a traditional wedding, its just cosy, intimate and stress free as the script is already written. It’s worded beautifully simple, and you can personalise this if you wish by bringing in your own individual vows to share your love and promises to each other.
The package includes all the sign-up processes, the Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant and
the use of the elegantly styled venue that is already furnished for you, so whatever the
weather you and your guests are comfortable. There are endless beautiful locations along
the marina for stunning photograph opportunities too.
Please note the ceremony is the same format and time regardless of 2 guests or 30 guests
attending, Therefore the one fee applies.