Terms & Conditions

Registry Style Weddings are referred to as RSW in this document.

  1. Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) must be completed and signed by all parties including an Authorised person as stated on the NOIM and given
    to the Marriage Office Mandurah to your Celebrant – at least one calendar month before your intended marriage date.
  2.  Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage must be signed before you can get married, either the week before your wedding date or minutes
    before – your marriage cannot take place until this is signed.
  3. Ceremony script: If you have booked a RSW, the scripted ceremony includes:
    o Welcome
    o Significance of marriage
    o Poem
    o Legal monitum
    o Legal vows
    o Personal vows (optional)
    o Ring exchange (optional)
    o Signing of the official certificates
    o Presentation
    Please note the legals only service does not include a ceremony.
  4. The Celebrant obligations:
    o To provide Registered Marriage Celebrant services to the Parties in accordance with the MARRIAGE ACT 1961 including the Code of Practice
    for Marriage Celebrants.
    o To attend and conduct the marriage ceremony at the agreed time, date and place.
    o If your Celebrant is unable to conduct the ceremony for any reason, the parties will be advised as soon as possible, and all reasonable efforts
    will be made to find a replacement Celebrant. (See clause 5)
  5. Replacement Marriage Celebrant
    o The Parties acknowledge that before the marriage can be solemnised by a replacement Marriage Celebrant, the replacement Marriage Celebrant is required to sight all original documents as listed on your NOIM which was sighted by your 1st Celebrant, such as Birth
    Certificates, Passport and/or Driver Licences, Divorce and/or Death Certificates as applicable. So please have these available ready, just in
    case they are needed.
  6. Documentation
    • Both parties agree to provide the Celebrant with all original documentation requested prior to the wedding day, including any accredited
      translation documentation and overseas declarations requested by the Celebrant. If the Parties fail to provide all documentation requested
      to the Celebrant, the Celebrants at the Marriage Office Mandurah will not be able to conduct the wedding.
    • The parties undertake to provide the Celebrant with accurate information and acknowledge there are penalties for making false
  7. Booking allocation
    • All booking allocations are for 30 minutes. RSW have an extra 15 minutes either side of their booking time for their guests to arrive and to socialise. EG: A wedding for 1pm = allocated time will be 12.45pm – 1.45pm. So, you would let your guests know to arrive at 12.45pm ready for the 1pm ceremony.
    •  If you are running late, your END allocated time cannot be moved to a later time. Please note, if there is a booking after you, they will be
  8. Equipment / Music
    The Marriage Office Mandurah can provide a Bluetooth speaker which you can play your own music on. Ask a guest to Bluetooth in, and press play for your chosen music. If you wish to bring your own speaker, you are welcome to. 3 songs choices are recommended (entrance/signing/end).
  9. Guest Capacity – Duty of Care
    The Marriage Office Mandurah can comfortably accept up to 30 guests. If the Celebrant believes there is a WHS issue and that our ‘Duty Of Care’ for providing a safe space is compromised, extra guests will be asked to wait outside. This is non-negotiable, so please consider if our venue is the right fit for your wedding plans
  10. Acknowledgements
    Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 – The Parties acknowledge that:
    o Under the Celebrant’s responsibilities in the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011, the Celebrant will not conduct the ceremony in which
    the Celebrant’s sole opinion, consider a dangerous situation or would place any person attending the ceremony at risk of harm or injury
    o The marrying couple and all of their guests are expected to uphold a duty of care for the building, contents and towards others.
  11. Fee’s – The Parties agree:
    • To pay the Marriage Office Mandurah the deposit of $495.00 on booking. Your NOIM will be accepted, and your date and time will be locked in. Please note your booking is not confirmed until the deposit of $495.00 has been received by the Marriage Office.
  12. Statement of fees
    Payable in full at the time of booking (prices include gst);
    $495.00 Legals only marriage – the bare minimum paperwork with 2 witnesses at the wine barrel
    $595.00 Legals only marriage – the bare minimum paperwork with guests in the Chapel
    $950.00 Registry style wedding – scripted ceremony with up to 30 guests
    $150.00 Extra charge for ‘off site’ local weddings
    $200.00 Surcharge for public holidays and associated days
    $495.00 deposit is required to secure your booking, date and time.
    The remainder is payable 6 weeks before your wedding date and you will be invoiced accordingly. Failure to pay on your invoice due date
    will open up your booking time and date as ‘available’ for other couples to book.
  13. Refund Policy
    A cooling off period is in place totalling 7 days from the date the NOIM is accepted.
    After this date we do not offer a refund for bookings, however if you need to reschedule you can do so up to 6 weeks before your booking date. This then allows Marriage Office Mandurah to offer this booking date and time to another couple (allowing for marketing and the required 1 months’ notice).
    Please note the following:

    • Rescheduling/changes to bookings will incur a $50 admin fee if your change your booking more than once.
    • The legal notice period from the date accepted by your Celebrant on your original Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) document is up to 18 months. If your new date falls outside of this date, a new NOIM will need to be completed and signed by all parties and accepted by your Celebrant incurring a $100 admin fee
    • Marrying couples who do not attend their booked wedding date and time with no accepted receipt of correspondence from Marriage Office Mandurah will automatically lose their booking fee. If they wish to re-book, they will need to pay in full again to secure their new booking. It is the responsibility of the marrying couple to check and provide evidence that correspondence has been received.
  14. In the event of a medical emergency and you cannot attend
    In the event that the marrying couple cannot attend their wedding due to illness or a medical emergency on the day, you can reschedule to a new date
    within 3 months. Evidence of a medical certificate will be required applicable to the marrying couple only. Please refer to the refund policy (clause 13).
  15. Complaints
    If Parties are concerned or are unhappy with any processes, please contact the Marriage Office Mandurah asap as most issues can be resolved easily and quickly, so all parties are happy.
    However, if you feel that you want to take matters further, please follow the link which will take you to the Australian Government – Attorney General’s Department website. https://www.ag.gov.au/families-and-marriage/marriage/complain-about-marriage-celebrant
    Please note all reasonable attempts will be made to control ‘outside’ noises, whoever as we are situated in a complex in a main foot traffic area we cannot be held responsible for noises outside of our control.
  16. Copyright Act 1968
    Please be mindful: Copyright is a form of intellectual property that protects the original expression of ideas. It enables creators to manage how their content is used. Therefore, when using other people’s content such as music and words we have to make sure we acknowledge the creator and or have permission or make payment or hold a relevant licence to be able to use their work. The Copyright Act 1968 outlines what we are legally allowed to use. https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2017C00180
  17. The Marriage Act 1961
    The Marriage Office Mandurah, pledges to follow the guidelines and laws set out from the Marriage Act 1961. Please find listed below more details should this be of interest to you.
    Marriage Act 1961     https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2018C00441
    Marriage regulations 2017   https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L01359
  18.   Extracts taken:  Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961
    8.6.4 Concerns about consent ‘It is vital that a celebrant is satisfied that both parties genuinely consent to the marriage. If at any point a celebrant is unsure of the genuine consent of either party, they should not proceed with solemnising the marriage.’Please note: ‘A person who has had an alcoholic drink prior to the ceremony but is not inebriated is most likely to be able to be in a position to consent to the marriage. However, a person who is intoxicated is unlikely to be in a position to form the necessary understanding of the nature and effect of marriage. It is an authorised celebrant’s responsibility to refuse to proceed with the solemnisation of the marriage if the parties are so affected by drugs and/or alcohol that the marriage would be void due to a lack of consent.’
  19. Photographs
    Parties agree that photographs of their wedding can be used for marketing purposes on Marriage Office Mandurah’s website and social media accounts. If you do not agree, please make this clear by emailing info@marriageofficemandurah.com.au and keep a copy of the sent email for your reference. We will also email you and ask after your marriage, if you would like to share your special photos with us.
  20. Official Marriage Certificate – The Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM)
    The marrying couple understands that they are responsible for applying for their copy of the ‘official certificate of marriage’.
    Parties acknowledge that the Marriage Office Mandurah will lodge their marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Perth within 14 days after they have got married. At which point they can then apply online to BDM and pay the fee (currently $55.00) directly to BDM online
  21.  Celebrant / Attorney General information – Parties acknowledge receipt of the following on booking;
  22. Fire Alarm
    The Marriage Office Mandurah venue has two smoke detectors installed on the ceiling. These are hard wired connecting to DFES, and if they are activated, the Fire Station is alerted, and the fire truck will attend. For all false call outs, they will charge $1337.00. If you or your guests activate this by smoking, vaping, lighting candles, incense, or by celebratory decoration items or similar, unfortunately this cost will be passed on to you. Therefore, it is your responsibility to inform all invited guests.
  23. Confetti is not permitted
    As we are a Registry Style Wedding / Office environment, we take bookings at regular intervals throughout the day. Therefore, we do not have the time between bookings to tidy up ready for our next marrying couple. Confetti is not permitted outside either, as this is a public space and littering is an offence.
  24. Alcohol and celebratory drinks are not permitted
    We do not hold an RGL licence for BYO, nor do we have kitchen facilities or the space to cater for beverages. There is an array of neighbouring businesses who can offer hospitality services. Please utilise them
  25. Wedding Directory and External Celebrants
    The Marriage Office Mandurah operates totally independent of external businesses who advertise on our website. You are encouraged to research and review the vendors listed before engaging in business with them. We do not take any responsibility for their business actions.
  26. Venue change / Plan B
    You accept that in the event The Marriage Office, 37 Dolphin Drive is not available to use, all attempts will be made to host your marriage in a nearby park or a local nearby venue within a 1km radius with the use of the décor and furnishings from the Marriage Office, where reasonably practical.