Exploring the Best Of Legals Only Marriages: What You Need to Know

Are you deciding to get married to your best friend but you do not want to spend a fortune on your wedding? Let’s admit, weddings can be hectic, difficult and exhausting. Yes there are really enjoyable, memorable and fun parts also, but mostly the whole experience to the young couple can be quite intense. You may not want to invite hundreds of people, or you may not have a humongous family and friends. Maybe you want to go on a dreamy honeymoon that you have been saving for years. Whatever your reasons, couples have the option to choose a legals only marriage service over large celebratory affairs, religious or cultural rituals if they wish to keep their magical day simple and intimate.

The Concept Of Legals Only Marriages

No, it is not a new concept. Getting married legally has been introduced and conducted in our society since, forever. The marriage act which is governed by the Parliament of Australia protects the rights of those seeking to get married legally. The legal marriage process doesn’t require a priest or any cultural ceremony. Instead, you need a marriage registrar aka a authorised marriage celebrant and two witnesses. Once you are done with the paperwork you are declared married. Yes, it is this easy and hassle free. A very important part of legal marriage is that it protects your rights and it has supported same sex marriage since the 2017 amendment. You can also apply to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages for an official marriage certificate as a proof of your marriage to enable your to change your name on your ID documents.

Advantages Of Legals Only Marriage

Legals only marriage services also have some big advantages. Let’s take a look.

  • It is by far the easiest process to get married. No guests, ceremonies, venue or any big arrangement is required. So you are free to concentrate on each other.
  • You just need to contact a marriage celebrant, complete the required documentation and give at least 1 months notice. At Marriage Office Mandurah we are happy to help you with this process.
  • It is highly cost effective, as legals only marriages can save you heaps of money which you get to use later on other important things like buying a house or going on a dreamy honeymoon destination. This indeed helps shed the financial load off the shoulders of the newlyweds.
  • You can create beautiful memories with your absolute nearest and dearest if you want to invite some friends to join in. 
  • Our legals only service does not include any ceremony. However, you can always ask about how to upgrade your package.
  • The paperwork is easy, it does not require much time. You get the whole venue with your friends and loved ones for half an hour to get pictures, celebrate and seize the moment to create beautiful lifelong memories which you two will be cherishing in the future.
  • As a marriage celebrant we also specialise in elopements off site. Marriage Office Mandurah is here to help you make this dream come true.
  • A lot of couples are seeking the legals only or very intimate wedding ceremonies along with it. Whatever your choices are, we are here to help you and your partner sign the lifelong contract of sacred marriage.
  • We have an option to marry at our beautiful wine barrel overlooking the picturesque Dolphin Quay Marina. The stunning location will instantly turn your legal wedding into a beautiful celebration. 
  • We value all love at the Mariage Office Mandurah and it is a safe space for same sex marriages and our beautiful diverse community.
  • A prior notice of one month is legally required. We recommend you contact us and set a date one month in advance or you set your date and contact us in prior to save the date for your legals only wedding.
  • If you are planning an overseas wedding or a destination style wedding, you can choose our legals only marriage service. 
  • Our wedding directory we will get you in touch with different businesses to give you some extra options of how to make the most out of your day. 



As marriage celebrants we just love all weddings. It is your day, and we are here to help make it the most memorable day of your life. Get in touch and we can help you through the processes. So you can relax, get in the vibe of your wedding day, arrive at the venue with your partner and at least two people as witnesses… and most importantly marry your best friend.

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