The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Authorised Celebrant for Your Wedding

Wedding arrangements are both exciting and exhausting. The joy of taking your partnership to the next level is exciting. On the other hand the endless list of services and planning you both need may seem too much at times. Amidst the non-stop chitter-chatter of dress fitting, bridesmaids outfit, venue and decoration of Aussie weddings, having the perfect authorised celebrant is often forgotten, yet they can shed some loads off your shoulder. Whether your venue is in Mandurah, Australia or planning on a destination style wedding outside of Australia, here is your guide to choosing the perfect authorised celebrant for your wedding.

Understanding The Role of an Authorised Celebrant

Marriage celebrant or civil celebrant In Australia is a person who is trained and authorised to conduct marriages. Whether you are marrying inside or outside of your community, looking for an intimate wedding ceremony, going in for legals only marriage where only the two of you will be there, setting up a beach style casual wedding, a destination style wedding, throwing a big social wedding party or, renewing your vows, all of these can be done with the help of marriage celebrant services. At Marriage Office Mandurah we specialise in elopements also. You just have to bring two witnesses. Not just this, with the help of a personal wedding directory, a wedding celebrant can help you get the contacts to other locally owned wedding services that you may need as well. In short, starting your wedding planning journey with the authorised celebrant is the best way to get started.


The Quest for Your Perfect Marriage Celebrant Services

You may get very specific for your wedding requirements, we understand that. It can be quite the journey to settle with the perfect one for personalised wedding ceremonies. There are numerous civil celebrants available in Mandurah, all offering slightly different packages and services. Let Marriage Office Mandurah take the stress out of this first step for you. Come in and talk to us, and we can help match you to your requirements. We also have a starting point of a wedding directory on our website, to help you on your way forward. Starting off with a small and locally owned celebrant service is the best way to minimise any confusion at the beginning of your planning.


Essentials to Keep in Mind

Arranging a wedding ceremony is no walk in the park. The bigger the wedding, the longer the list of services can become. It takes a lot of time, planning, effective communication and checkboxes to tick off from the list. Thankfully when it comes to selecting the perfect wedding celebrant the list can be short and concise.

  • Communication: You must find someone who is all ears to your needs, wishes and dreams for the big day. Both you and your partner should be able to articulate your thoughts and feelings comfortably to the marriage celebrant. This is the foundation of building a partnership with the authorised celebrant as the two of you will be working closely for the next few months.
  • Your Vision: It is your wedding day. Your dreams, visions, ideas, everything counts. The services you are taking for this day should be resonating with your choices. 
  • Your Budget It is only normal that you will have a budget of expenses for each of your wedding services. Taking that into account you can start with us at the Marriage Office Mandurah. We specialise in small intimate weddings, and our prices are clear and concise as listed in our terms and conditions on the website. From personalised wedding ceremonies, destination style, legals only to full fledged social weddings we can help you to move forward and connect you to the right professionals in the industry. 
  • Recent Reviews: Take a look at the recent reviews of the marriage celebrant services.  This will help you make up your mind, give you insights into the quality of work they do and help you shortlist the chosen few to set up a consultation with.


Weddings are beautiful. This single day is capable of bringing all your family, friends, near and dear ones together. Watching them all celebrate your special friendship to turn into a lifelong partnership is fulfilling and emotional. We, at Marriage Office Mandurah, are dedicated to make this day the most memorable day of your life where you marry your best friend. Contact us today to find out more.

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May 6, 2024