Legal’s Only Marriages vs. Traditional Marriages: What’s the Difference?

Legal’s only marriages, also known as civil marriages, are becoming more common as couples seek a simpler and more affordable way to legally bind their relationship. But what exactly is a legal’s only marriage, and how does it differ from a traditional marriage? In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between these two types of marriages.

What is a legal’s only marriage?

A legal’s only marriage, also known as a civil marriage, is a legally recognised union between two individuals that is performed by a authorised celebrant. Unlike traditional marriages, legal’s only marriages do not involve any religious or cultural ceremonies. They

are typically simpler and more affordable and may be preferred by couples who do not wish to involve religion or tradition in their union. However, legal’s only marriages still provide all the legal benefits and protections of a traditional marriage, such as inheritance rights, tax benefits, and the ability to make medical decisions for one’s spouse.

How is a legal’s only marriage different from a traditional marriage?

There are two main differences between a legal’s only marriage and a traditional marriage.
One is the absence of any religious or cultural ceremony and the second difference is a Legals only marriage is typically more paper based with no ceremony. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and beliefs.


What are the benefits and drawbacks of a legal’s only marriage?

One of the main benefits of a legal’s only marriage is the simplicity and affordability of the process. However, some may feel that a legal’s only marriage lacks the emotional and spiritual significance of a traditional marriage and denies the families the opportunity to come together. Ultimately, the decision to have a legal’s only marriage or a traditional marriage should be based on personal beliefs and preferences.

Is a legal’s only marriage right for you?

Deciding whether a legal’s only marriage is right for you depends on your personal beliefs, values and circumstances. Some couples may choose this type of marriage for financial or legal reasons. However, with so many couples already living as a family with their children, it is becoming more popular these days to make their union official, without the fuss and expense, so this is a welcoming option for many.
It’s important to have open and honest communication with your partner about your preferences and to research both types of marriages before making a decision. Consulting with a marriage celebrant can also be helpful in understanding the differences and making an informed decision.

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