Wedding Directory

We’ve been asked so many times if we can recommend a photographer, or somewhere to stay, where to eat, and so many other little add on’s. So, we thought why not get some local businesses up on our website to make wedding planning that little easier.

Our wedding directory is not just for couples wanting to marry at our Marriage Office, but for any couples, near and far wanting to connect with wedding professionals for their dream wedding.

The idea of the wedding directory is a ‘one stop shop’ for you, the marrying couple to save you time endlessly searching socials and the internet when you are planning your wedding. Hopefully it’s a great starting point for you!

The Marriage Office Mandurah encourages you to research the vendors’ websites for more details and to read their reviews to make sure they are the right fit for you as they operate totally independently from ourselves.

Your enquiry goes straight to them, and you deal directly with them.