The winter wedding

Winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful. Fresh and crisp air, landscape in full green lushness and that feeling of everything around you alive and flourishing! There are often quite a few discounts too as you are not paying the premium prices on everything. BUT you cannot control the weather and let’s face it, it is… Continue reading The winter wedding

Why do couples renew their vows?

I’ve been married for over 26 years, and I’ll be honest, I always thought renewing your vows was a bit of a gimmick, or couples only did them as they had drifted apart…. but oh no…… since being a wedding celebrant, my eyes have been opened and I’m loving it! It seems to be a… Continue reading Why do couples renew their vows?

The Rise of Registry Style Weddings: A Smart and Affordable Option

Registry style weddings are becoming increasingly popular, as couples look for a more affordable and practical way to have their dream wedding. With the rising costs of traditional weddings, and the pressure of having to invite all those long-lost relatives and family friends that you feel obliged to invite, this style of wedding is becoming… Continue reading The Rise of Registry Style Weddings: A Smart and Affordable Option


One month’s notice So you’ve said YES and you are sporting a beautiful engagement ring, you’ve had a think about when you would like to get married, but now what? where do you start? Well, some couples like to book the venue first and work from there. Which isn’t a bad idea if you have… Continue reading NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE